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Homeshare, Inc.’s mission is to support the efforts of senior citizens to remain safely at home for as long as possible. When staying home is no longer possible, Homeshare, Inc. is committed to creating, supporting and encouraging homesharing, the pooling of resources to prevent institutionalization.
History of Homeshare, Inc.
Homeshare, Inc. started in 1987 when it became apparent that the cost for homecare, both to government and private individuals, was becoming prohibitive. In an effort to make more efficient use of resources, Homeshare, Inc. created the Homestead at Cushing, a shared living residence licensed for food and lodging.
As the demand for this “housing with services” model increased, the Homestead at Owls Head was started. Almost twenty years later, with the same passion for excellence, the Homesteads continue to provide aging in place.
Innocence at the Inn
The Love the Maker freely gives
Stands at the Inn, by welcome lives.
No keeper can aloof remain,
For if ignored must change to pain.
What has the keeper but to lose?
What else to gain, uphold, to prove?
When Innocence calls at the Inn,
The space requested is so slim,
Will not displace if occupied,
But grow into a mansion wide,
Wherewith the keeper richly blessed,
May prosper, giving others rest.
The Maker’s Love is everywhere,
Seeks but a place in which to bare.
When Innocence is at the Inn;
When fragile love seeks to begin;
The welcome cannot come too soon;
Yes, there is room! Yes, there is room!
© Leo Lamson, 1988
Former Homestead @ Owls Head Resident